Kristin Crowley

Clown and fool...

Clara LaFrance

An aerialist in the Bay Area and beyond!

Phina Pipia

Writer, singer, instrumentalist, educator, dancer, and magician

Morgan Langham & Daniel Sloan

A Duo Daring the Depths of Alaska with performance and education.

Shannon O'Bent

Chautauqua's stage manager and one half of PepperJill & Jack!

Stephen O'Bent

Bandleader, choirmaster, trombonist, composer/arranger, and Flying Karamazov Brother.

Della Moustachella

Tickler of funnybones, master of fun.

Tom Noddy

A founding member and organizer of Chautauqua.

Ty Vennewitz

Heard how high he hula hoops his huge hoop humorously?

Vanessa Vortex

Hula Hooper, Lasso Spinner, Trumpet Player.

Sam Williams

Smerdyakov, of The Flying Karamazov Brothers. A professional silly person.

Godfrey Daniels

Paul Magid

Founding member and vice President of Chautauqua.

Sophie Pipia

Singer, accordionist, and sousaphonist.

Richard Hartnell

International teacher and performer in the mysterious juggling arts.

Christian Swenson

AKA “Morphoman" plays “Human Jazz” with body & voice.

Amy Engelhardt

Composer, lyricist, arranger, vocalist, cheese connoisseur, lover of felines and crosswords.

Joey Pipia

Fast, funny & amazing; prepare to celebrate the impossible!

Erin McNamara

Costumer, seamstress, laundry mistress, parade character, and musical saw player.

Clay Mazing

Whipcracking, dancing, singing, juggling, lasso-spinning, comedic cowboy ringmaster.

Eben Sprinsock

One of Chautauqua's bandleaders. Has played in bands since 6th grade.

Nancy Levidow

Pachiel Smith

Juggler, musician and parade stilter.

Harmony Lyrics

Clown of a thousand faces and hula hoop extraordinaire!

Jan Luby

Engaging stage presence and a voice of passion and power.

Toes Tiranoff

Tap Dancer with a Suspiciously Convenient Name (Fabulous Footlights)

Oliver Steck

Musician (Accordion, Trumpet, Piano), actor, entertainer, mechanic, community organizer.


Circus Cowboy, Contraptioneer, & Face Balancer

Harry Levine

Performer with The Flying Karamazov Brothers and the Mud Bay Jugglers.

Carey Cramer

The one on top!

Justin Therrien

Physical performer, sword swallower, juggler, clown, mime.

Tom Sackett

Plays tenor saxophone. Made $20 in first gig, when a stranger paid him to stop playing.

Daniel Berg

Daring, alluring, nincompoop, imaginative, electric, laughable Bearded, enigma, razzle-dazzle, grapefruit.

Tara Kemp

Accordionist with the FIKMCB/O and in the Stage Left Orchestra.

Scarlett Rose

Singer, dancer, and juggler. She plays oboe, English horn, and saxophone.

Nate Hughes

Scrambling, rambling, juggling, huggaling, high-fiving, propeller powered, breakfast lover.

Rod Kimball

Happy Chautauquan grunt.

Robin Worley

Creator of Haute Trash Fashion Show - art from society's rubbish

Jasmine McNamara

Costume girl, stilter and part time aerialist.

Linnea Wik

Plays French horn and dreams of joining the illustrious trombone section.

Megan Haungs

Tap Dancer and Visual Storyteller (Fabulous Footlights)

Steve Paul Horstmann

Nickname: Frederick Activites: Flying Karamazov Club Quote: "Were we supposed to have a quote?"

Katie Still

Eats dessert first.

Thaddeus Spae

Wrote the Chumleighland March. Then he retired. Too bad it didn't take.

Fiona Worcester

Flute player, singer-songwriter, educator, organizer, and twinkle-toed one woman band

Rambunctious, intrepid, overwhelming, Spiffy, amicable, bouncy, effervescent, locuacious, lightning, armpit.

Kym Trippsmith

Kym writes stories, poetry and folk ballads laced with political satire.

"Raggedy" Annie Sheppard

Clown, Juggler, Costumer, Merchandise Mistress, Roustabout, Late Night Campfire Enthusiast, Hootin' and Hollerin' Joker.

Matthew Riggen

Recently found a trumpet under his bed.

John Cloud

World Famous Doctor of Lariatology; Does House Calls, also Dinner.

Karl Meyer


i am not in school i do not have a job and i play the tuba

Joannie Murayama

Co-Founder, 1981. Community Quilts Workshop. Racism and "Otherness" Workshop.

Jacob King

Homesteader, Mechanic, and Sousaphone player.

Erick Cohn

Plays the drums, glockenspiel and percussion.

Tim Furst

aka Fyodor Karamazov. juggler, parade leader and bus driver Producer: The Moisture Festival

Michelle Bates

Organizer of Many Things, Photographer, and fledgling clarinet player