Hands Across the Border is on the move!

Posted on Jun 14, 2017

The first installment of reports from Hands Across the Border, currently en route to Browning, Montana

From HAB participant Paul Anderson:

The New Old Time Chautauqua
is on the move! I guess I was wrong about the bus we are driving in. It is quite nice.

We were near Port Townsend overlooking Discovery Bay. Great Hosts and Neighbors alike.

Yesterday was spent shopping for supplies and any last minute personal items. Packing the Uhaul truck and the kitchen trailer took a major effort well into evening.  I'm surrounded by crazy good,  talented, creative people that volunteer to perform with the troupe across the American West. This organizations goals are building bridges, forming alliances, and working together with different cultures, differing economies, and forming friendships that will last over many years and generations.

It is all done using music, comedy, education, the "Terror of the 12 Steps of Juggling", and the friendships developed over the years.

I am genuinely affected by their caring, creativity and friendships that seem to form instantly.

We left this morning at 6:45 driving down to Tacoma then up to Bellevue and then drove across Washington and Idaho. We just passed St Regis but still have about 5 hours before setting up camp and going to bed.