The New Old Time Chautauqua is a community of performers, friends, and families who see live performance as a way to share laughter, friendship and wonder, and to build community through laughter, entertainment and education.

Help Chautauqua build its traveling kitchen!

When we stop after traveling for a long day from the last community we have served, we currently have to take nearly everything out from the present kitchen trailer, set it up, and try to remember how it all goes together. This often takes over an hour, leaving our hungry members even hungrier as we work to get the kitchen up and running. The good news - NOTC is taking on a marvelous and transformational project at this very moment to make it all run smoother. Learn more and donate!

40th +1 Anniversary Tour July 8-24, 2022

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Chautauqua Week

A three-day weekend weekend of action, adventure, fun, history, and civic engagement in Port Townsend with epic performances by world-renowned Chautauquans, an outdoor movie, an everybody wins PT Lottery, the Chautauqua Congress, and more! We aim to delight, educate, amaze, and provoke the imagination of adults and children alike. Food and beverage service will be made available by Fort Worden Hospitality for all evening programing. Learn More!