Dear Bills-


We are delighted to announce that, after a two-year hiatus, Chautauqua is hitting the road again! We are excited to be planning a Summer Tour. We hope you will join us!


Although covid is still very much among us, the hope is that, through use of safety protocols such as masking, vaccination, outdoor camping, and a goal of all-outdoor shows, we can fulfill our mission of bringing love, light, and laughter to communities and put The New Old Time Chautauqua back on the road for a 40th (+1!) Anniversary Tour (working title)! 


The tour will start near Eugene on July 11, 2022 and go through at least July 25th, perhaps a few days longer. The plan would be to visit the the Confederated Tribes of Grande Ronde (87 miles northwest of the Faire), the Nisqually Indian Tribe & Olympia, the Lummi Nation & Bellingham, and end either with the Lower Elwah Klallam Tribe (near Port Angeles) or the Makah Tribe at Neah Bay. Paul Magid and Kristin Crowley, the 2022 tour coordinators, ARE still planning our route and building our connections, with more exciting updates to come! 


CLICK HERE to fill out your application. The application is due on March 1st.


There is an incentive to fill out applications sooner rather than later! We MIGHT have an opportunity to create a Chautauqua Show at the Oregon Country Faire this year. This would involve arriving at OCF on Tuesday, July 5th. The Faire runs from Friday July 8th thru Sunday July 10th, with tour starting on July 11th. Alternatively, if we don't go to OCF as a full Chautauqua, our pre-Chautauqua will start on July 11th somewhere near Eugene, OR.


Folks who are interested in being involved in this portion should fill out Tour applications ASAP. Part of the proposal involves OCF providing some limited passes for Chautauquans involved in the show who don’t have OCF passes through another show or as an Elder (Applications for Elder status are due on February 1). Of course, at this point, Chautauqua cannot guarantee OCF passes, but we do need to get a headcount to even proceed on the planning front.


The tour committee is looking for folks to work with them on this summer’s tour! Please fill out your application soon or contact Paul directly at if you are interested in being involved with Walking Staff (the crew that helps plan the tour before it is happening).


Looking forward to seeing you this summer!


The 2022 Tour Committee 

(Eben, Paul, Kristin, Anne, Fiona, and… ?)

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