2020 Wisconsin Tour

The Chautauqua Movement, since its inception in 1874, has been a forum for ideas. From the Chautauqua stage, the Suffragettes discussed and promulgated women’s voting rights, helping fuel the movement for women’s sufferage. This year, we feel it is more important than ever that everyone who can vote is able to excercise that right - no matter what political affiliation they have. To that end, we are going to Wisconsin, which is a state with some very tough voter registration laws. It was also an essential “swing state” in recent election years. We plan to tour in both rural and urban settings, supporting and promoting voter registration alongside our normal programming of community education, laughter, and entertainment. We are excited at the prospect of visiting the Midwest for the first time - and maybe having some of that world-famous cheese!

Tour application and more information available here - Tour applications will be accepted until April 15th.